Discover Life Chiropractic is a licensed chiropractic wellness center in Loveland, CO, providing chiropractic care that will help you live more harmoniously. If you are an athlete looking to rehabilitate from an injury or ensure your body continues functioning at its peak level, schedule an appointment with our sports chiropractor to find out how. 

What Is A Sports Chiropractor?

A sports chiropractor is a therapeutic specialist who works with sports athletes to help them recuperate from an injury and improve their performance enhancement journey. 

Proper alignment of the spinal cord is essential for athletes to perform at the top of their game. Using spinal manipulative therapy, a performance enhancement specialist treats injury and performs preventive therapy to maintain the spinal cord alignment. 

A sports medicine chiropractor can also treat pain in the legs, shoulders, arms, neck, head, and pelvis, thus ensuring a long, healthy athletic career. 

How It Works

The process of attaining the best wellness care begins with scheduling an appointment with our sports chiropractor! During your first visit, we complete a full diagnosis and identify the root cause of the health problem. 

Our objective is to suggest the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle so that you start feeling better by the time you come for the second visit. After that, we review your improvement and provide any further suggestions, as required. On your third visit, you will already feel relieved and get back to normal life.

Sports Chiropractors vs. Medical Doctors

Even though both are doctors and come from an almost similar educational background, the primary difference between a sports chiropractor and a medical doctor is how they perform the treatment. 

While medical doctors tend to rely more heavily on medicine and surgical procedures, sports chiropractors focus on pain management and preventative conditioning to treat the issue. When athletes suffer an injury that requires surgery, they must rely on a medical doctor.

However, if they want to improve their performance and take preemptive therapeutic care to keep their body in pristine condition, a professional sports chiropractor is their best choice.

Schedule An Appointment Now

You can schedule an appointment with our sports chiropractor by visiting our local wellness center in Loveland, CO. You can also call us at (970) 622-0075 or use the contact form on our website to learn more about us.