There is an assumption that you should not use a chiropractor when you are pregnant. However, many women find that a prenatal chiropractor can help relieve pain and discomfort during the pregnancy. At our chiropractic wellness center in Loveland, we often see women come in during their pregnancy looking for relief from the aches of their body adjusting to a new form. At Discover Life Chiropractic, our licensed pregnancy chiropractor specializes in both prenatal and postnatal treatments to help your body through recovery. 

We Work With Your Body, Not Against It

Pregnancy is natural, but it can also be traumatic for a woman’s body. Weight is being distributed differently, muscles and ligaments shift, and hormones cause swelling. Many women experience lower back pain especially. A prenatal chiropractor works with your body’s natural adaptations to relieve pressure and help ease the natural discomforts that carrying around a growing human being can cause. 

The Best Prenatal Chiropractor in Loveland, CO

For many of our clients, working with a female chiropractor is important to them. As a woman, Dr. Mott understands the factors that can go into a woman’s total wellness. With years of experience as a pregnancy chiropractor, she works with your body’s form to help support the natural physiological changes you’ll experience. And if you are attempting to get pregnant, chiropractic care can also help your body move past stress or blockages, preparing your body to be a healthy, welcoming vessel. 

Our experienced staff offers a variety of chiropractic and soft tissue techniques that help you feel comfortable and relaxed during this amazing time. With our low-stress, wellness-guided approach, the safety of you and your baby is always our first priority. Stop the suffering and enjoy your pregnancy! Call (970) 622-0075 to schedule your first consultation.