The chiropractic methodology is becoming more and more common among households, which is why more people opt to treat their symptoms without forcing medication. Much like humans, our pets need the best care to live a quality life.

Animals tend to get joint or vertebrae issues much like us. As they aren’t able to communicate verbally, an appointed animal chiropractor can relieve these issues without stalling and treating symptoms. Discover Life Chiropractic is the best chiropractic wellness center as our licensed professionals range from a dog chiropractor to a horse chiropractor, ensuring the optimal health of your beloved pets.

What does an Animal Chiropractor do?

Animal Chiropractor examines and treats the whole patient relieving them of a troublesome nervous system or alleviating them of joint/vertebrae issues. To ensure care and professionalism, Dr. Paige uses a ‘whole person’ approach with all of her patients. Treating the root cause rather than working on eradicating symptoms, Dr. Paige is able to speed up recovery and leave a long-lasting effect through this approach. 

We give our best with each appointment and even teach you how. We aspire to grow with our clients. Discover Life Chiropractic offers all types of animal chiropractor treatments including spinal manipulation.

Benefits of an Animal Chiropractor

A professional animal chiropractor will handle any problems your pet may have, and ensures to nurse them back to health with the utmost care. Owners commonly report to their animal being at the peak of their health after a session and even showing signs of more activity after animal chiropractor services.

  1. Spinal Manipulation: A form of physical therapy that involves massaging and jolting the joints to relieve pressure points. It is one of the most effective techniques which leaves your pet relaxed and feeling better than new.
  2. Medicine Free Treatment: Though modern medicine is improving, it doesn’t take away the fact that medicines are made up of chemicals and can be fatal. Our professional chiropractor treatment involves a very safe approach to identify the underlying issue.
  3. Evidence-Based Approach: Using chiropractic care by utilizing chiropractic manipulation, soft-tissue techniques, therapeutic rehabilitation, and a variety of chiropractic techniques, our experts are able to help achieve your pet’s health goals.

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