Discover Life Chiropractic is a wellness center offering chiropractic services in Loveland, CO. Our chiropractic wellness center uses advanced, evidence-based techniques to treat even the most stubborn or difficult issues. Our chiropractor carefully assesses the patient as a whole, not just based on the issue at hand. 

At our chiropractic wellness center, we want to address your main concerns, and our certified health provider also wants you and your family to live free of pain. We offer several services at our chiropractic health center. These include:

Cold laser therapy: Using low levels of light, we can help promote healing in your body.

Acupuncture: This process involves placing special needles in pressure points in your body. The goal is to redistribute your energy.

Spine decompression: This is motorized traction that can help you reduce back pain. Your spine will be gently stretched to help it decompress.

Red light therapy: We can treat skin issues by using low-levels of red light. It can help boost the energy levels in your cells.

Massage therapy: If you want to relax, then massage therapy is a good idea for you.

Performance enhancement: For athletes, chiropractic care may help boost performance levels and reduce time lost to injury.

These are just a few of the many health and wellness services that our practice offers. We love helping each one of our clients to achieve a more healthy body and pain-free experience. Do not hesitate to contact us – you might be surprised at how much you can benefit from chiropractic services. 

Benefits of a Family Chiropractic Center in Loveland, CO

Start your new, pain-free and balanced lifestyle by taking advantage of our family chiropractic center. Our chiropractic office cares about you and wants to see you and your loved ones live your best lives. Our family chiropractic center offers both pediatric and animal care.

We are located in Loveland, CO and serve the surrounding areas. If you want to make an appointment at our family chiropractic center, please give us a call at (970) 622-0075 today. See for yourself the difference that professional chiropractic care can make for you.